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Premier Profit First for Dentists program

  • Premier Training Videos & Bonus Content in membership site. (Includes Profit First, Organizing Your Finances, What to Track, Managing Overhead, Understanding Reports, Goals & Spending Plan, Monitors, Cost Plus Fee Analysis, Honoring Time Systems, Weekly, Quarterly, & Yearly Profit First Activity.)
  • Complete Professional Assessment & Roll Out Plan done for you. (This includes all allocation percentages and a specific custom-designed 18-month plan of action.)
  • Unlimited Coaching / Consulting for 6 months.
  • Continued Access to all Training Videos & Bonus Content following the 6 Month Unlimited 1:1 Coaching Completion.
  • Premier Customer Service & Help When you Need It!


Yes, Let's Talk!

Time to Take Control of Your Money & Life? 

Yes, Let's Talk!

Our Clients Stories...

Dr. Cristin Lewis

Profit First has helped me look at things simpler and get a better idea of what is coming out.  It also has helped me shift my energy in a positive way with money. Barb has helped me realize team members that aren't pulling their weight.  She has helped me screen new employees.  She has helped me with overall team morale as well. Simply put I would say Profit First is life-changing and the best thing you could do for yourself and your team.  Barb truly loves and cares for her clients and that is the difference she has from other dental coaches. 


Dr. Sabine Purps

“I have had a bookkeeper and a receptionist working the office numbers and in addition to these expenses had to revise them for several hours each month myself, because they were never as precise as they are now. You know that knot in my stomach if someone is fiddling and weezling money? I had it. Now I have full confidence that we are on full steam ahead to have a super successful 2019! Barb has kindly nodded and prodded to elevate my awareness and financial responsibility to the next level.

JUST DO IT…It’s like braces- never had a patient saying they wish they never done it- everyone is saying I wish I’d done it 10 years ago!!!”

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