Profit First for Dentists

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Profit First

Realize Profit with Every Deposit

Bank Balance Accounting

Know exactly where you stand with your finances just by opening your online banking.

Money Systems

Never again wonder where the money goes!

Profit First for Dentists;

Proven Cash Flow Strategies for Financial Freedom 

Does this sound like you?

Trying to make sense of financial reports? 

Wonder where all the money goes? 

No time to work on the numbers? 

Ready to get out of debt? 

Instead imagine if....

You could open your online banking and know where you stand with your finances! 

You are paid extra for being an entrepreneur!

Debt disappears with all the extra Profit!

Why Profit First?  

A proven system for increased cash flow and profit. 

If you are tired of working harder grinding out more and more dentistry only to find the amount you keep in your own pocket doesn't change much, then Profit First is for you!  

Let's talk!  I challenge you to find out for yourself!

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Our Clients Stories...

Dr. Vahid

I simply can not say enough good thing about Barb. she is professional, knowledgable and caring. I had to extend my coaching period due to some scheduling conflicts ( all my fault!) and she was kind enough to work around my schedule and give me extra sessions for a very fair price. she did take her time at each session making sure I understood all the concepts and answered all my questions fully. she also has many valuable connections in the dental field from marking to billing to tax saving services which proved quite valuable. at the same time she opened my eyes to way to lower my overhead and keep track of the progress. I highly recommend her to any dentist who wants to take his/her business to the next level. Thanks Barb.

Dr Kiernan

“Here I was a new business owner, I started with Barb in January of 2020 after someone had highly recommended her… Profit First helped me so much on the business side, It helped me get organized, justify paying myself and also in knowing that business expenses are taken care of.  I just can’t say enough of how much Barb helped me.”

Dr. David Newell

“Hi Barb! Amazing news...I just figured my first profit distribution to myself today at over 5K for the 3rd quarter! This is amazing!!!!! And that is the 50% of the deposits for that quarter just like you coached, leaving the remaining portion and building up that account reserve."  


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