Profit First for Dentists

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Money Systems

Set up Your Practice for Profit with Every Deposit.

Bank Balance Accounting

Know exactly where you stand with your finances just by opening your online banking.

Money Systems

Never again wonder where the money goes!

"Unlike any dental consulting program out there, Profit First for Dentists is a unique cash flow system utilizing multiple bank accounts and simple strategies designed for the busy practice owner to really know their numbers and have peace of mind."

Does this sound like you?

Are you looking at your financial reports wondering how to make sense of it all?  

Are you left wondering where all the money went at the end of every month?  

Are you exhausted at the end of the day, week, or month and there’s just no time or energy left to work on the numbers?  

Do you feel like there’s no end to the debt and pressure to produce? 

Instead imagine if....

You 100% knew your financial numbers just by opening your bank accounts? 

You paid yourself what you deserve for being a dentist and a business owner? 

You managed your money in a few minutes each week?   

You have a plan for eradicating debt & feeling peace of mind? 

What makes this different? 

This is not just another ‘track your numbers’ and ‘produce more’ program.  Sure it’s always great when production and collection increases but when you’re working harder yet not taking home any more, it makes you start to question why you’re doing it.  The dentists we work with are tired of the traditional model and are ready to learn how to implement the new Profit First model in their practice.  They are ready for Financial Peace of Mind!

But, Does it Work? 

The answer is absolutely, YES!  

If you follow the plan and implement Profit First, it will work 100% of the time.  The positive changes spill over into your personal life as well because there’s now less worry about the practice. Most dentists find they are more present and available for those they love.  

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Our Clients Stories...


Dr Kiernan

“Here I was a new business owner, I started with Barb in January of 2020 after someone had highly recommended her… Profit First helped me so much on the business side, It helped me get organized, justify paying myself and also in knowing that business expenses are taken care of.  I just can’t say enough of how much Barb helped me.”

Dr. David Newell

“Hi Barb! Amazing news...I just figured my first profit distribution to myself today at over 5K for the 3rd quarter! This is amazing!!!!! And that is the 50% of the deposits for that quarter just like you coached, leaving the remaining portion and building up that account reserve."  


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