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Human Behaviors Around Money

banking behavior business business operations emotions entrepreneurs finance money money behavior operations Jun 11, 2022
Money Behaviors

Hi, all!

Today, I want to talk to you about money behaviors. We all have certain behaviors and emotions about money. When you own a business, those behaviors and emotions can be even more heightened. Some entrepreneurs LOVE the money/business side of operations…and some definitively do not. In fact, many will put it off until they are finally forced to deal with it. Conversely, there are many who simply sit in the middle and are indifferent. 

There is one fairly consistent behavior that tends to stretch across all dealings of money. When you want to make a purchase or pay the bills…what do you do? Most business owners will open their online banking to check their balance and see how much money they have. If there’s money in the account, they will pay the bills or make the purchase and if it’s low, they begin strategizing how to get more money in there. There might even be a freakout involved when seeing this low number! 

At any rate, there’s a lot of energy used to restore the amount of money in the account balance. Because this is a natural human behavior, it’s wise to use it to your advantage. Profit First does just that. 

If you want to learn more about utilizing your own money behaviors, please reach out for more information! My team and I have opened up time in our schedules to have meaningful conversations with dentists.

Get the clarity you need and ask any questions that come to mind. Profit First wants your dentistry to be the best it can be! Visit my website,, and let us help you take your practice to the next level. 

Make sure to watch my video to learn more and feel free to reach out with any other questions or feedback!

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- Barb Stackhouse


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