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The Business of Owning a Practice – GAAP

business growth business leadership business management business training cash flow financial management leadership money management production profit first profitability technical skills Apr 02, 2022

Hey everyone! Thank you for sticking around with me for the last video of this series!

Are you a small business and/or a dentist that is in need of keeping your profit? Are you struggling a bit financially? It can be hard to navigate finances as a dentist with the way taxes are. Well, today’s topic is to help you find the resources you need to profit first.

Today we are going to be talking all about GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. GAAP was created for accountants to follow when reporting their business client’s income to the government. An equation that accountants still use today is: sales - expenses = profits. Therefore, the business has sales that collect the money that is needed to pay all of the bills. Afterward, the business owners get to keep what is left. Unfortunately, small business owners and dentists do not always get to keep the profit that they wish to have or deserve. This is where Profit First for Dentists is available to help you and your business! Dentists deserve to be paid because they are hard workers. I want them to experience the profit that they need. Visit my website [] on how to earn the profit you want.

I hope today you feel reassured that you can gain the profit you so deserve. Dentists can actually get the profit that they need!
My next series is all about the core principles of profit first so you don’t want to miss out!

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