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The Business of Owning a Practice – Technical Training vs Business Training

Last week, I introduced my new 8-week YouTube video and blog series focused on simplifying the money management process in a dental practice through using my Profit First system for dentists. This week, we are diving right in and talking about the value and purpose of Technical Training vs. Business Training.  Check out the video here!

If I asked you how much of your dental education has been focused on technical vs. business stuff, what would you say? Most people would say that the vast majority of their education has been focused on technical training. Which I understand! Not only do schools have a specific job to do in training excellent dentistry practitioners, but learning the technical side of dentistry is honestly more fun when we go for continuing education. Which I also understand, because I personally LOVE the technical side of dentistry.

I believe, however, that the more technical training you get, the more business and leadership training you also need. That will equip you to make good financial choices, work within organized systems, and grow your practice. Because ultimately, if you feel unprepared for running a practice, you’re going to end up handing off a lot of the business and financial side of things to others. But nobody will care as much about your money as you do, and nobody is going to care more about the critical decisions being made than you will.

I want to see more dentists thriving as business owners. That’s why I started this series and it’s why you can find free resources on my website about this too.

I hope you’ll listen in and follow me on YouTube these next 8 weeks to learn more.

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