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Why Profit First?

dental practice profitability dentist pay off debt profitability Mar 11, 2024

As a skilled dentist and business owner, you should be rewarded for all the risks you’ve taken, the hard work, and the time you've put into your practice. That's why profit is so important. Profit is crucial for your business success and for an overall return on your investment!

In the Profit First model, we prioritize profit by setting it aside before paying other expenses. This smart approach helps your business thrive and avoids constantly playing catch-up! It might be challenging at first as you rethink your business strategies, but trust me when I say that it's worth it long-term.

Check out this excerpt from the Profit First for Dentists book!

“Profit First flips the equation and taps into our innate human behavior: Sales - Profit = Expenses. Take your profit first and then pay your expenses with what is left. It’s that simple. It works because it is so simple. It works because it was designed to utilize our innate human tendencies when it comes to monitoring our money. “

To make this new way of doing business work, you'll need to be resourceful, honest with yourself, and willing to let go of things that aren't benefiting your profitability. Make these changes and watch your profits soar!

I've helped many dentists take control of their finances and I'm here to guide you through this transformation. Check out this educational video to learn more on this topic!

Want to take care of your business finances with ease? Get started today! 

-Barb Stackhouse, RDH, M.ED. Mastery Profit First Professional


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