Profit First for Dentists

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The Need to Be Profitable

What if I told you that focusing on profit would actually allow you to provide a better patient experience? While some people may fear that prioritizing profit is a selfish act that creates distance between you and your patients, it is actually a key component to creating a healthy, positive patient relationship. You are taking wonderful care of your patients when you put profit first!

While this may feel unintuitive, the reason for this is quite simple: stress is challenging to manage and can negatively impact relationship dynamics (which can not only affect your work, but also your life outside of the workplace). Relationships with patients are no exception to this! When you are feeling comfortable and confident in your cash flow and profit margins, you will be able to fully focus on providing the best care that you can for your patients. 

On the flip side, when things are tight and you are feeling financially squeezed, it is inevitable for some of these feelings to shine...

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