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Benefit Plans and Profitability

This is number six blogpost in this series The Business of Owning a Dental Practice.  If you haven’t read the first five blogs in this series, please take some time and check them out. 

Todays topic is all about dealing with Benefit Plans.  I know this is such a hot topic these days.  There are specific coaches and consultants out there who’s sole mission is to help dentists get completely out of these Benefit Plan contracts and others who help dentists increase the payments they receive from the insurance companies, and yet others who help with efficiencies and team training.  Nothing wrong with any of these approaches and in fact these consultants do good work. 

My approach here will be purely from a profitability perspective because that’s what I do. I believe good business decisions are made from true data.  It takes some work to make sure the data you are analyzing is true data.  It’s only true if the...

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