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More New Patients

I’m grateful for you today as you are here reading this seventh of nine blog posts in my series, The Business of Owning a Dental Practice.  I’ve been sharing a new blog post each week here on my website (blog tab). 

Today’s topic is ‘More New Patients.’  Every practice out there is always working on their New Patient numbers.  It’s a given, there will always be the need for more new patients.  I’m going to address this topic from a Profitability perspective. 

I believe it’s important to have a specific target number for new patients.  This will depend on the size of your practice and the number of providers. If you are in rapid growth mode, you may be hiring more providers as you increase the new patient numbers.  You must know what you and your team can handle without any service failures. 

One of the biggest issues I see with a practice in hyper focused rapid growth is the sudden increase...

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