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GAAP and the Profit First Equation

Here we are at the last blogpost in this series, The Business of Owning a Dental Practice.  I can’t believe it’s been nine weeks now.  Thanks for hanging with me and if you haven’t yet read the previous eight posts, please go back and check them out. You’ll find some good stuff. 

Today’s topic is all about GAAP and the Profit First Equation. You know by now, I’m the Profit First for Dentists lady. Yes, I do teach and coach dentists using this method.  I also wrote the book and my hope is that more and more dentists will read my book and implement this cash flow system in their practice. 

Why? Because it works!  And I believe dentists are some of the most hard working people out there. They deserve to be paid well and I don’t always see that happening.

Let's get to the topic today. GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  These principles were created and put into law in the...

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