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The Business of Owning a Practice – Do You Feel Stuck?

Over the past few weeks of my “Business of Owning a Practice” video series, I’ve discussed the merits of technical training versus business training and how dentists can manage their debt. This week’s video is for the dentist who feels STUCK.  Check out my video on this topic here.

Maybe you feel stuck in the chair, stuck having to do more than you feel capable of, and you can’t stop thinking about planning an exit strategy. Perhaps you’re feeling burnt out. Tired. Physically aching. Even though you were full of excitement and exhilaration when you started work or began your practice, now the daily grind is getting to you and you’re wondering if you can keep this up until it’s time to retire. If this is you, know you are not alone.

I personally think it’s never too early to start planning an exit strategy. Did you know that the average age of retirement for dentists in the USA is 69? That is 7 years later than the average...

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