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Identifying Good and Bad Debt with the Profit First System

bad debt debt reduction good debt pay off debt tackling debt Apr 15, 2024

When you own a dental practice, it is quite common to accumulate debt. Whether you are starting from scratch or purchasing an existing dental practice, taking out a loan is often necessary. In addition to business debt, you may also have personal debts such as student loans, mortgages, car loans, and credit card debt.

The amount of debt can feel overwhelming, but it is important to categorize it into 'good' debt and 'bad' debt. 'Good' debt is incurred to increase revenue and does not become a burden for the business. Examples include loans for business expansion or purchasing equipment. Remember, understanding the different types of debt can help you better manage your financial situation.

Debt accumulated on items that rapidly lose value is classified as 'bad' debt. This includes credit card debt that remains unpaid each month. Keeping a balance on credit card debt indicates overspending. The steep interest rates on credit cards can lead to a cycle of overspending as you struggle to keep up with payments. Purchasing equipment that is rarely or never used also falls under 'bad' debt.

Avoid falling into the trap of considering 'bad' debt as 'good' debt. Taking on too much debt for real estate or construction projects can lead to financial struggles and feeling stuck in a constant survival mode. Debt can hinder your progress and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, recognize your current circumstances and begin strategizing ways to enhance them.

In order to effectively manage your finances, you must carefully allocate your resources and adhere to your budget. Firstly, implement a freeze on acquiring any new debts for both your business and personal finances. Remember that it is possible to generate profit while also reducing debt simultaneously. Avoid funneling all excess funds solely towards debt repayment without setting aside an emergency fund. By utilizing the Profit First System, you can incorporate debt reduction strategies into your financial plan.  

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-Barb Stackhouse, RDH, M.ED.

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